Progressive Ambulation: Bed Exercises (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:04 So now let's take a look at progressive ambulation.

    00:07 We talked about breathing, which is really important, right? Those lungs after surgery.

    00:10 The other thing we got to think about is strength, circulation, and again, this will also help with lung capacity after surgery.

    00:18 So when we're talking about progressive ambulation, this is really encouraging early ambulation after a surgery.

    00:29 So, I'm just going to be really frank here.

    00:32 The patient's really are sore, they're in pain, this is not always fun for them, but it's really important for their post-op recovery.

    00:41 And again, let me pause there, when I say post-op we're talking about postoperative or post-surgery, so you'll hear that word a lot.

    00:50 But again, this is so important with the patient, that as soon as they get out of surgery, the earlier they can get up, sat up, or walk, that's really going to be beneficial for their recovery.

    01:02 Now, one thing we can start at is bed exercises.

    01:05 If the patient's really weak and if they can't get out of their bed, we still want to check what's their strength like.

    01:12 Can they feel? Are they having good sensation in those limbs? How are their muscles doing? We need to assess this.

    01:19 So, here's an easy way to do it.

    01:21 In the bed, we can just have them do foot pumps.

    01:23 What I mean by this, I like to tell my patients, "Hey, act like you're pushing on the gas, while you're in the bed." When you think about it, just do those foot pumps.

    01:32 Or have the patient do leg lifts in the bed, or just turning simply will also be good for the patient.

    01:43 Hi, I'm here with my patient, Brandon again, just after surgery.

    01:47 So one thig we can do before he's ordered to get up, or maybe if the patient is still week, we can assess their strength while the patient's in bed.

    01:56 We can assess strength, sensation, and also muscle coordination of the patient.

    02:01 Now, a couple of ways we can do this. I can have Brandon do foot pumps.

    02:05 So let me instruct him now.

    02:07 So, Brandon if you would, I'd like you to take your feet and I'd like you to push, like you're pushing on the gas, back and forth. Great. Perfect. Thank you.

    02:17 The other thing I can have Brandon do as well is to asses, can he resist gravity? And I can have him do a leg lift in the bed for example.

    02:26 Brandon, if you'll go ahead and take your leg and lift it up off the bed for me? Great. Perfect. Thank you so much.

    02:33 So also, while the patients in bed, if necessary, if they can't do either one, you can see if maybe the patient can turn their trunk from side-to-side.

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