Postpartum and Newborn Care

by Joanna Jackson

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    Hi! I’m Joanna Jackson, and we’ll review postpartum and newborn care. First, let’s start with the nursing assessment. A really easy way to remember this is by the word “bubble”, B for breast, U for uterus, B for bowel, the next B for bladder, L for lochia, meaning the color, odor, consistency, and the amount, and E for episiotomy. So, let’s review normal findings for the postpartum period. It’s very perfectly normal to have postpartum chill, to have a rapid decrease in the size of the fundus, one to two centimeters every 24 hours. The fundus should remain firm. The lochia changes should occur in three stages; bright red, a bloody consistency and a fleshy odor one to three days. Then pinkish brown color for four to ten days. And finally, a yellowish white creamy color for up to six weeks. The breast should also secrete colostrum for two to three days before the milk begins. It’s also normal to have an increased appetite following delivery. Constipation can last for up to three days following childbirth. Hemorrhoids, urinary delays, the fundus should become firm, and psychosocial adaptation to help develop the bond between the mother and the baby. Patient education is vitality important during the postpartum period, especially for first-time moms. Encourage patients to eat a well-balanced diet, encourage patients to ambulate when they’re able, encourage patients to empty their bladder regularly, and reinforce the importance of postpartum strengthening exercises. Remind clients who receive both the rubella vaccine and RhoGAM to return to the provider after three months to determine if immunity to rubella has been developed. Recommend for patients to rest when the newborn sleeps. Encourage the parents to bond with their new baby. And provide information regarding community resources for young mothers. Patient education is vitally important to...

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