Portal Hypertension

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Our topic of Portal Hypertension warrants its own discussion.

    00:06 With Portal Hypertension understand that your circulation is moving from the GI or intestine towards the liver.

    00:13 This Portal vein will then enter your Portal triad or Portal Hepatis.

    00:18 And in zone 1, you have one vein, the Portal vein, you have one artery, the hepatic artery. And one duct called the bile duct.

    00:24 Are we clear? In moving from, intestine towards the liver, you're moving from the liver then towards the right atrium.

    00:33 So, therefore, when you talk about portal hypertension, this is how clinically, we categorize portal hypertension.

    00:43 Pre-hepatic, Post-hepatic, or in other words, post sinusoidal.

    00:51 Be very careful.

    00:52 Do not confuse this with pre-hepatic, post-hepatic jaundice.

    00:59 That you're terribly familiar with.

    01:01 when you say pre-hepatic jaundice, prototype, sickle cell disease.

    01:06 massive destructions of RBCs by the spleen resulting in Pre-hepatic jaundice.

    01:13 Hepatic Jaundice.

    01:14 Mixed picture.

    01:16 Post-hepatic jaundice, obstruction.

    01:18 Example, called, choledocholelithiasis.

    01:20 or something like your Primary sclerosing cholangitis.

    01:24 Leave that separate.

    01:26 This is Portal Hypertension.

    01:27 What's the right direction of your Portal vein? From left to right and then from bottom to top. Clear? So where is Post-hepatic, or post sinusoidal? Portal Hypertension? Is it between the liver and the intestine or between the liver and the right atrium? The latter.

    01:46 Because you're moving in that direction, towards the right atrium.

    01:50 Take a look at your differentials now.

    01:53 Post-hepatic includes IVC obstruction.

    01:57 In other words, Inferior Vena Caval Thrombosis, caused by what? Any number of cases such as, maybe *, maybe post * or essential thrombocytosis I don't care what the cause of that excess platelet is, you may then cause obstruction in the Inferior Vena Cava.

    02:17 Who gets damaged? Liver.

    02:20 What zone? Zone 3.

    02:23 What do you call that? Central ovular conjestion.

    02:25 Continue.

    02:26 Eventually, it might impersish the liver might.

    02:31 resulting in post-hepatic portal hypertension.

    02:34 Take a look at some of the other important differentials.

    02:38 What is hepatic veiin thrombosis called? Budd-Chiari Budd-Chiari is specifically hepatic vein thrombosis, where are you? post hepatic.

    02:48 Talk about hepatic.

    02:50 Well, anything, that causes damage. So, for example, vena-occlusion disease.

    02:57 post sinusoidal is my topic for portal hypertension here.

    03:03 Pre-sinuoidal.

    03:05 So, what does pre-sinusoidal mean to you? Now, you are in between the intestine and the liver.

    03:11 Take a look.

    03:11 pre-hepatic portal hypertension.

    03:14 spleenic or portal vein thrombosis Once again, anything that causes thrombosis.

    03:20 Such as, such as polisitemia vera such as PNH.

    03:25 such as essential thrombocytemia.

    03:28 then we have hepatic.

    03:30 Hepatic is a long list.

    03:33 or pre sinusoidal.

    03:34 It could be Schistosomiasis sarcoidosis and myeloproliferative disorders.

    03:42 Sinusoidal.

    03:44 This is your prototype.

    03:45 Now, usually you won't think about portal hypertension.

    03:47 most of you, will be thinking about, oh well, Something caused damaged to the liver resulting in cirrhosis.

    03:53 sure.

    03:54 And this is then referred to being your hepatic portal hypertension.

    03:58 or sinusoidal.

    04:00 At this point, you have learned three different types of portal hypertension.

    04:05 post sinusoidal.

    04:07 Aka, well, what I mean is post hepatic but then you can have hepatic causes.

    04:12 pre-sinusoidal prehepatic and you can have hepatic causes of presinusoidal portal hypertension.

    04:19 Sinusoidal New Entry 155 sinuses.

    04:23 and yes cirrhosis any cause.

    04:26 Let it be viruses let it be alcholol, let it be NASH, autoimmune.

    04:30 So and so forth, all the different causes.

    04:32 of cirrhosis.

    04:34 portal hypertension.

    04:36 greater detail.

    04:37 There is absolutely no way that you will be missing any question because in your head, you have now divided portal hypertension into three different sectors.

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    The lecture Portal Hypertension by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Cirrhosis – Liver Diseases.

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    How do we treat this?
    By Hamed S. on 15. March 2017 for Portal Hypertension

    Good way of classifying the causes but missed out on defining the pressure (>5 mmHg) and potential treatment options such as propranolol, TIPS etc.... Also what about the potential complications, which would have been perfect to discuss here ie variceal bleeds