Throat Disorders: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

by Paula Ruedebusch

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    00:00 So in a nutshell, remember: pharyngitis is a subjective symptom.

    00:05 This is a sore throat, this is what your patient feels.

    00:08 Tonsilitis - this is an objective finding.

    00:10 This is what you see when you look inside the throat.

    00:13 Strep throat is a bacterial infection so it should be treated with antibiotics to prevent complications.

    00:20 Rheumatic fever can affect multiple body systems and this is a common complication of strep throat.

    00:26 Glomerulonephritis is not prevented by antibiotic treatment.

    00:31 And abscesses that form in the throat are usually drained for management.

    00:35 Thank you for watching this content on common throat infections.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Throat Disorders: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing) by Paula Ruedebusch is from the course Eye, Ear, and Throat Disorders – Pediatric Nursing (release in progress).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Pharyngitis is a subjective symptom and tonsillitis is an objective finding.
    2. Tonsillitis usually causes rheumatic fever and pharyngitis does not.
    3. Glomerulonephritis can always be prevented in children with pharyngitis but not always in children with tonsillitis.
    4. Abscesses from tonsillitis should be treated with antibiotics and abscesses from pharyngitis should be lysed.

    Author of lecture Throat Disorders: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

     Paula Ruedebusch

    Paula Ruedebusch

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