Pertussis: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

by Paula Ruedebusch

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    00:01 Wrapping up, in a nutshell, pertussis is a bacterial infection caused by the <i>Bordetella pertussis</i> bacteria.

    00:08 It is a highly contagious bacteria.

    00:11 It is vaccine-preventable.

    00:13 In children, they will receive the DTaP vaccine.

    00:15 The P is the pertussis coverage.

    00:17 And in older children and adults, they will receive the TDaP vaccine.

    00:21 Again, the P is the pertussis coverage.

    00:24 There are 3 stages of this.

    00:26 The catarrhal, which is the wet phase, first phase, when patients think they have a cold.

    00:31 They're spreading pertussis everywhere because they have a mild illness.

    00:34 Next, they will go into the second stage, which is the paroxysmal phase where they develop the deep whooping cough that can make them vomit and take their breath away.

    00:43 And then the third stage where they will improve and convalesce.

    00:47 There's a variable testing window and a variable treatment window, so it's really important to have pertussis on your differential in a high-risk patient.

    00:58 So macrolides are the preferred treatment.

    01:01 It is a required public health notification in all cases of pertussis, and household contacts also need to be treated to prevent the spread.

    01:11 Some patients may require support in the hospital and this is typically, the infant population.

    01:16 And it can also be life-threatening.

    01:19 Thank you for watching this lecture on pertussis.

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