Pediatric Meconium Ileus

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Here, we have meconium ileus.

    00:04 As the name implies, there is lack of movement down in the ileal region So therefore the meconium doesn’t pass. Why? Why? Remember meconium is the “early passage of stool.” And so therefore, there’s abnormally thick meconium in which it doesn’t want to move forward, resulting in blockage in utero or neonatal, early.

    00:27 With this type of thickened meconium that would be present in the intestine, then this predisposes your child to perhaps develop volvulus or perhaps even bowel infraction may then occur.

    00:44 In this case, the meconium ileus is being caused by cystic fibrosis and the first passage of the stool that you’d expect in a child would be well, normally pretty dark.

    00:58 If the child is suffering from cystic fibrosis, there is going to be a lack of proper lubrication of the stool passing through the intestine.

    01:06 And so therefore, you’d expect there to be very, very viscous -- In this case, very thick meconium, which doesn’t want to pass forward.

    01:16 What’s my diagnosis? Meconium ileus, an obstruction that’s taken place.

    01:21 You’ll notice here in the picture, black meconium that remained back in the intestine secondary to cystic fibrosis.

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