Patella – Osteology of Lower Limb

by James Pickering, PhD

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    00:01 condyle. Now let’s have a look at the patella. We can see the patella, this anterior and posterior view. This is a right patella. It’s a large sesamoid bone and it develops intratendinously after birth. So it develops as an ossification of the tendon within the patellar tendon. It’s located anterior to the distal femur. We’ve got the patellar surface which we can see on the anterior surface of the femur. It’s triangular in shape.

    00:33 Its anterior surface is convex and has a broad superior base. It has a lateral and medial border, and these converge to form a pointed inferior edge known as the apex. Posteriorly, the articular surface is smooth and it’s divided by vertical ridge, which allows it to sit in the posterior in the patellar surface of the distal femur. Now let’s have a look

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    James Pickering, PhD

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