Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS)

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) by Craig Canby, PhD is from the course Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Cell bodies of preganglionic neurons reside in the brain stem and lateral parts of spinal cord gray matter.
    2. Preganglionic fibers are short and postganglionic fibers are long.
    3. Each preganglionic neuron gives rise to many postganglionic neurons.
    4. Ganglia are situated close to the spinal cord.
    5. It has stimulatory effect on most of the organ systems.
    1. CN X—Pterygopalatine ganglion
    2. CNIII—Ciliary ganglion
    3. CNVII—Submandibular ganglion
    4. CNIX—Otic ganglion
    5. Splanchnic nerves—Terminal ganglia of hindgut and pelvic viscera
    1. Vagus nerve
    2. Facial nerve
    3. Splanchnic nerves
    4. Oculomotor nerve
    5. Glossopharyngeal nerve

    Author of lecture Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS)

     Craig Canby, PhD

    Craig Canby, PhD

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