Paraneoplastic Endocrinopathies – Carcinogenesis

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Other important paraneoplastics. And here, these are paraneoplastic endocrinopathies associated with cancer. Here we have Cushing's. When we talk about Cushing's we will have four different causes. With Cushing's syndrome, you could have what's known as, the most common, iatrogenic, injection. Lot's of people taking prednisone and cortisone for different reasons. Pain, cancer, donor recipient so on and so forth. Number 2, ACTH independant cause of hypercortisolism, adrenal cortex. Number 3, anterior pituitary, Cushing's disease. Number 4, from the lung ectopic production of ACTH. Here is small cell lung cancer, number two. The first time we saw small cell and paraneoplastic I talked to you about Eaton-Lambert. Here we have ACTH. What's your patient look like? Cushing's. Moon facies, buffalo hump, wasted extremities, truncal obesity, so on and so forth. Gynecomastia. Here you are thinking about choriocarcinoma. I will tell you this much. Chorio means placenta. However you can have choriocarcinoma that is going to be either gestational or non-gestational. Gestational choriocarcinoma you should be thinking about the entire placenta in which all the villi had been affected. What villi? The chorionic villi. You are going to produce a lot of Hcg. Or choriocarcinoma may be perhaps in the gonads, okay. Two different places with choriocarcinoma. In case you are confused, not to worry. We'll organize it exactly as such. Hcg, gynecomastia. Hypercalcemia, what kind of paraneoplastic issue migh you find with this? SCC, RCC. And both of this types of cancers paraneoplastically you might increase the levels of Pth-RP, related peptide. What does this do? It behaves just like Pth but it's not Pth. It's the scoundrel cousin who comes in and increases hypercalcemia whereas Pth levels will actually drop in your patient. Do not forget that. There is a big time difference between a related peptide paraneoplastically, versus...

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    The lecture Paraneoplastic Endocrinopathies – Carcinogenesis by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Cellular Pathology: Basic Principles.

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    1. Renal cell carcinoma causing ectopic production of ACTH
    2. Iatrogenic
    3. Small cell lung cancer causing ectopic production of ACTH
    4. ACTH independent hypercortisolism due to hyperactive adrenal cortex
    5. Cushing's disease of the anterior pituitary
    1. HCG
    2. ACTH
    3. ADH
    4. PTH-related peptide
    5. Calcitonin
    1. Multiple Myeloma
    2. Small cell lung cancer
    3. Colorectal cancer
    4. Prostate cancer
    5. Renal cell carcinoma
    1. Male gender
    2. Female gender
    3. Male or female over the age of 60
    4. Children under the age of 5
    5. Pregnant female

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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