Normal vs. Hypocellular Bone Marrow

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:00 This is a normal bone marrow.

    00:02 First, I would like for you to take a look at the periphery on your upper left and down on the lower right, those are lipid vacuoles, okay? Lipid vacuoles, hence, they are nice and clear.

    00:15 That’s when you know that you’re in your bone marrow, right? Versus your cortical bone which is solid and you would never find such a lipid vacuoles in the cortical or the pillars of your bone.

    00:26 With the bone marrow, empty space.

    00:29 So now what you find between those lipid vacuoles are all these cells.

    00:33 And this is a normal bone marrow.

    00:35 And what these cells that you’re looking at are all blasts.

    00:40 Now, what kind of blasts? It's rather difficult to say.

    00:42 You probably have normal blasts in there.

    00:44 You could have megakaryocytes in there, but all of your normal stem cells that you would expect to be containing producing different types of cells that obviously we require for proper, proper functioning.

    00:58 So this is normal and our topic is aplastic anemia, then what can you expect these cells or would you these cells to be here? Obviously not.

    01:06 And so therefore, take a look at this, it is hypocellular.

    01:10 What you’re seeing in the middle there is completely empty.

    01:15 All that you see there is lipid vacuoles.

    01:17 This is not normal.

    01:19 And so therefore, what kind of anemia would this be? Obviously, a normocytic non-hemolytic anemia because you can’t even produce any RBCs and not to mention, this will be pancytopenia.

    01:30 There is nothing to destroy.

    01:31 Except for the bone marrow has been lost.

    01:34 Now,

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