Mental Health Concepts

by Joanna Jackson

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    Hi, I am Jonna Jackson and we are gonna review Mental Health Concepts. Let's start with a quick overview of our content. Let's talk about the importance of Mental Health Education. I give you few tips to how to remember this content. We will define Mental Health and define Mental Illness. We will review common signs and symptoms of many mental illnesses. We will talk about Nursing Practice Concepts. The DSM 5. We will always review the Nursing Process. We will talk about Therapeutic Communication and finally Psychopharmacology. So why mental health concepts are so important for nurses? First, its really important to know that patients in all areas and all specialties will be experiencing some amount of emotional distress and responses to that stress. It's important for the nurse to understand the basic concepts of mental health and mental illness to help you better care for your patients. The heart of it, all nurses are "Psych" nurses! Here is some quick ways to remember this content. Say the information out loud. Practice talking to your friends about it. Or practice in the mirror. Practice as you are the nurse explaining to to a patient or teaching it to a class. Another quick way to help you remember this content is to make a funny or quirky acronyms about medications, processes or whatever to help you remember the content. For an example, the nursing process which is assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate can be remembered as ADPIE. If you visualize an apple pie with letters "AD" on it. You will be really hard to forgive ADPIE the nursing process. During the lessons when you see these symbols you will know which part of a nursing process we are reviewing. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. So what is...

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    • Mental Health Concepts
    • Mental Health Nurse Responsibilities and Standards

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    Joanna Jackson

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