Meditation: Trusting the Mind

by Lecturio Online Courses

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    00:00 Hello Lecturios. Welcome to the short mindfulness meditation for trusting the mind.

    00:11 During this meditation, you will be observing your own mind. Any thoughts that you observed during this meditation are normal. It is just the mind chatting away. Over time, if you learn to observe your mind through continual practice, your mind may be able to adjust its inner thoughts on to very positive, peaceful and gentle ones. You can have your mind be more of an inner cheerleader on your side, a trusted friend, or a peaceful oasis. Let's try the meditation now. Allow your breath to slow down into a comfortable rhythm for your body. Breathe all the way down into your belly if you can. You can keep your eyes open or close them. Listen to the thoughts playing out in your mind. Just observe it objectively. If you don't hear anything, that's okay. Observe the silence.

    02:04 If any of the thoughts seem to repeat a lot or there is a thought you wish to release, simply say "Thank you thought and I release you" either in your mind or out loud.

    02:21 Watch as the thought just floats away. It might come back, that's okay. Just repeat this "Thank you thought and I release you." Watching the thoughts, any thoughts are welcome. Very good. Open your eyes if they are closed and take a moment to wiggle your toes and fingers, feeling your body again. You can now continue studying with Lecturio. Thank you for listening and we'll see you again soon.

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    A wonderful re-set of one's peace
    By Ki B. on 04. April 2022 for Meditation: Trusting the Mind

    Absolutely blissful. Easy to fit in on a before shift or during a restroom/mental health break at work. Thank you for adding this to the courseware so that we can strive toward our own holistic health as well as our patients'.