Meditation: Relief from Difficult Situations

by Lecturio Online Courses

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    00:03 Hi Lecturios.

    00:05 Welcome to this short mindfulness break for relief from difficult situations.

    00:10 In your career, you may experience very challenging events, and sometimes what may be best is just taking a moment to get away from it all before heading back to work.

    00:25 This will provide a very short mental vacation into a relaxing forest oasis.

    00:32 Let's head there now.

    00:35 Just get comfortable and close your eyes if you can, where you are.

    00:47 Allow your breath to slow down a little bit and deepen in your body.

    01:02 All the way down to your belly.

    01:20 You find yourself in a beautiful meadow in a forest.

    01:27 No one else is here except for you.

    01:36 You hear birds chirping around you.

    01:39 The wind in the trees.

    01:44 The perfect temperature on your skin.

    01:52 The sun shining down on you.

    02:07 With a gentle breeze, caressing your skin.

    02:18 You feel the warm ground beneath you.

    02:23 And your body is so deeply relaxed.

    02:33 The air here is so fresh and full of life.

    02:59 Everything is good.

    03:04 Everything is okay.

    03:20 It is a beautiful day out today.

    03:23 And you're just taking some time to deeply enjoy it.

    03:51 Any time you need a little getaway from your life, feel free to come back here.

    04:45 You can now head back into your day with your Lecturio-studies, or your work.

    04:50 Thank you so much for listening and we'll see you again soon.

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