Meditation: Concentration

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    00:00 Hi Lecturios. Welcome to this short mindfulness meditation for building more concentration in your life. Building more concentration in your life is like working out your muscles at a gym. It takes practice, repetition and consistency to see improvements. The more you practice your concentration skills, the easier it is to maintain your focus on a single task while simultaneously not being affected by other distractions. Let's try and exercise that. You can listen to this meditation lying down, standing up, or sitting down. Just make sure your spine is comfortably straight with your shoulders rolled back and your hands by your sides or in your lap. You should feel alert but comfortable. Your eyes can be open or closed. Breathe all the way down into your lower belly. Breathe in and out through your nose if you comfortably can. Bring all your awareness onto your breath.

    01:58 It may help to focus on one aspect of it like the temperature of the air on the tip of your nose as you breathe in and out. The sensation of your lungs expanding and contracting or counting your breaths as you breathe like breathe in 1, breathe out 2, breathe in 3, breathe out 4, etc. I'll go quiet for a little while as you practice this on your own. If you lose focus, that is okay, just bring your focus back on to what you're keeping your attention on when you remember to. Well done. You just completed 5 minutes of a concentration mindfulness exercise. The more you practice this, the easier it will get and over time you may find your ability to concentrate for a longer period of time extends. Open your eyes, take a little stretch if you wish. And continue studying with Lecturio with your concentrated mindset. Thank you for listening and see you soon.

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