Meditation: Bad Day – Practice Self Love

by Lecturio Online Courses

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    00:03 Hi Lecturios.

    00:05 Welcome to the short mindfulness break for relief when you're having a bad day.

    00:10 Everyone can experience a bad day once in a while.

    00:14 It's perfectly natural.

    00:17 However, when the inevitable bad day arises, there are some adjustments you can make to help you feel a bit better.

    00:25 What you focus on in life.

    00:27 You move towards and the more you practice focusing on what is going right, the more you will experience it.

    00:36 Even on those bad days, after this meditation is over, see if you feel any different or a little happier.

    00:46 Let's try it out.

    00:51 Please take a moment to get comfortable where you are.

    00:55 Closing your eyes if you wish to.

    00:59 Bring your awareness to your breath.

    01:06 Feel your belly rise and fall gently as you breathe.

    01:50 Now I am going to ask you some very simple questions.

    01:55 All you can do is answer them to the best of your ability and have fun with it.

    02:00 Every answer is welcome.

    02:02 Let's begin.

    02:04 What was one small thing you did today that you can celebrate and perhaps that you woke up, got out of bed? Listen to this meditation.

    02:14 Anything What is one thing you are grateful for about yourself? Who is someone in your life that you are grateful for? Even if it is yourself? What is one small thing you are grateful for about today? What is one small accomplishment you have made this week? What is one small thing that you are proud of about yourself? What is one thing you are happy about in your life? What is something you are looking forward to experiencing? Last one.

    04:00 What is something that you feel optimistic about in life? Great.

    04:20 Do you feel any different? After asking yourself a few questions.

    04:27 Any time you feel down, you can always adjust your focus on to what is going right.

    04:39 It may feel a bit different to do at first, but over time it becomes an automatic habit.

    04:46 Thank you so much for listening and you can now go back to your day or to your Lecturio-studies.

    04:53 See you soon.

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