Meditation: Affirmations before Exams

by Lecturio Online Courses

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    00:00 Hello Lecturios. Welcome to the short mindfulness meditation with affirmations to listen to before your exams. Please get into a comfortable position preferably sitting up with your spine tall, your shoulders gently rolled back, and your hands on your lap. Allow your breath to settle down into a slow and comfortable rhythm for your body. For the following affirmations, see if you can feel them to be true even if it feels a little odd at times.

    00:56 The more emotions you can use in your affirmations, the more effective they will be.

    01:02 You also may notice that some of the affirmations are phrased in past tense. This is a tool to trick your mind into thinking it has already happened and it helps you feel the emotions a bit more. You can speak them out loud or in your mind. Let's begin. "I am grateful that I got amazing marks on my exam. I am grateful that I received excellent grades in my classes. I was very well prepared for my exam. I felt incredibly confident and calm when taking my exam. I was rested, relaxed, and mentally clear during my exam. I love studying and preparing for my exam. I am thankful for my excellent memory. I was able to easily recall any information that I needed during my exam.

    02:34 I love studying challenging subjects and I do so well in my exams for them. I'm a very organized, efficient, and intelligent student. My ability to learn and retain knowledge improves everyday. My studies are preparing me for a wonderful life ahead. I am thankful for my excellent discipline. I am grateful for being a student and having the privilege to learn." And now, take some time to add in any other affirmations that you desire to add. Make sure to keep them positive. Well done. We hope your exams go well and you can now continue studying with Lecturio. Thank you for listening.

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    I wish I had practiced this long before. Thanks Lecturio!
    By Ravinder A. on 01. April 2022 for Meditation: Affirmations before Exams

    I would recommend this lecture to every student. I knew that meditation activates our parasympathetic system but never applied it in my life. Thanks for reinforcing this powerful technique.