Medical Experience

by Kevin Ahern, PhD

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    Another point that students know lot a about is "Medical Experience." But here's one where I find that they trip up but I want you to listen what I have to tell you here. The pathway to medical school is going to go a lot faster than you think it's going to. You maybe a student starting out your freshman year. And you see by the end you're going to a private medical school. That's what most incoming students aspire to do. And that's perfectly fine. I'll say a little bit about that later. That's perfectly fine to do. But there are somethings that will happen along the way that's going to interfere with your ability to get the medical experience that's necessary. What students do with this is that they don't realize how fast that clock is ticking. They don't realize or think about the fact that the application process takes a full year. You apply a year before you expect to start the school. So let's imagine that you are interested in applying to medical school so that you start medical school the fall term after you graduate in the spring of your senior year. That would mean that you're applying to medical school in the summer of your junior year. That means that any medical experience that you need to get, will have to be obtained before that point. All the medical experience that you're getting in your senior year is not going to go in your application. Now if you are a person who said in your personal statement, that I wanted to go to medical school ever since I was 12. And you get to that application point and you got a few weeks of medical experience with a physician, You going to cause some...

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