by Kevin Ahern, PhD

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    00:00 Now the next component of getting into medical school is "Leadership." And leadership is a kind of a difficult one to measure.

    00:09 You can get elected president of a campus organization or community organization.

    00:14 And those are good qualities of leadership to be sure.

    00:17 And I definitely recommend that you do that because that's early part of the involvement that I think is helpful for you to be successful in doing.

    00:25 But leadership really comes from internal qualities that you have.

    00:32 Those internal qualities are things that will show to the community that's evaluating you that you are a doer.

    00:39 The reason leadership is important is that a professional cannot be a push over.

    00:47 You can't be incharge of someone's life details or someone's life process, or saving someone's life.

    00:54 Unless someone convince you of something that you know is wrong.

    00:59 You can't be pushed over by others.

    01:01 So it's important that you have a strong central core and that's measured and obtained in leadership.

    01:07 And the more leadership you get involved in, the stronger your core will be.

    01:11 Important to consider.

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    Very good talking about leadershif
    By Javid A. on 13. April 2022 for Leadership

    Very good talking about leadershif. And i will watch more also .

    By Jacob S. on 23. November 2021 for Leadership

    I am unsure what to write, to be honest with you.