Medical School Interview

by Kevin Ahern, PhD

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    Well this point you've been working on getting into medical school for years, You've prepared yourself. You've been thinking of diversity and you've been creative in both your activities and the way that you describe them in your personal statement. You've been working with a physician. You have great letters of reference. And at this point you likely will have a committee of medical schools that is interested in talking to you. This is the interview. So the interview is really where you nail that last aspect of getting into medical school. And it is important to understand that the dynamics of the interview. So I want to spend some time taking you through that. The committee has read about you from the perspective of others in terms of letters of reference. And from the perspective of you in terms of your personal statement. They think they know you. And they like what they see. That's why they are interviewing you. And that's why they are bringing you in. They don't interview if they have big questions about you at this point. And that includes your grades. You don't have to go to an interview and to convince them that I can do this. So don't focus on that. Go in and convince them that you are a strong and individual person. Now the interview you can set this up very easily. I tell students that the first thing they should think about with an interview is to take charge of the interview. Now that's an important thing to think about. Most students go into interviews because...let's face it, most students don't have much experience with interviews. They go into the interview seeing the person interviewing them or the people interviewing them, as up here and themselves is down here....

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    This was very helpful!
    By Ricardo C. on 08. May 2017 for Medical School Interview

    A wise man once asked me, "who are you?". After my initial confusion on how to respond to his question, I came to the painful, yet enlightening, realization that I truly had no idea.

    These videos by Dr. Ahern will help you get accepted into medical school.
    By Sayf S. on 02. May 2017 for Medical School Interview

    I chose the rating of a five star because the videos that Dr. Ahern talked about all had helpful hints in each of them of how to study for the MCAT, what classes to take while in undergrad school to be ready for the MCAT and to get into medical school, how to fill out the applications to get into medical school and what to do and or say during the interview part of the application before getting accepted into medical school. I liked how supporting the videos were and how Dr. Ahern was being honest of what to do to get accepted into medical school. I would recommend these videos to any person who's studying and trying to get into medical school.