MAOIs: Treatment and Drug Interactions – Antidepressants (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 So, we use it for depression, bulimia nervosa which is an eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic attacks.

    00:09 So, for certain patients, if it's really resistant to the other treatment options, this may honestly be the best one for them, if they can be compliant with the teaching and education and recognize a possible risk of this med.

    00:22 So, I wanna hit those drug interactions just one more time.

    00:26 Kinda give you some big categories.

    00:27 There's indirect sympathomimetic agents, indirect-acting sympathomimetic, that means they mimic the sympathetic nervous system.

    00:38 We can work with antidepressants, we already hit that, right? TCAs and SSRIs. Some antihypertensive drugs and meperidine.

    00:46 So, this is a really good summary slide for you to think about MAOIs drug interactions.

    00:54 So, we don't really want you to be taking the MAOI in these groups or categories of medications.

    01:01 What problems would I be looking for? I'd be looking for elevated in blood pressure, potential hypertensive crisis.

    01:07 So, if I have a patient on an MAOI, and I became aware their blood pressure is elevating, I'm gonna start thinking right away.

    01:15 Woah, what meds are they on? What's going on? Why are we heading into this? This would be a call to the healthcare provider.

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