Logarithm Rules

by Batool Akmal

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    00:01 So first of all, we're going to define three important rules of logs.

    00:05 This you can apply to any log base, so be at log base e which is ln, or log base 10 which is just log, or any other base. If I give you the rules firstly, rule number 1 is known as the addition rule, so that states that if you have log base a of x plus log base a of y.

    00:27 You can combine this into one log term which is just log base a, x times y.

    00:34 So look at what we're doing if you have the same base number, you can rewrite or you can add the two logs, by just multiplying these numbers in there.

    00:45 So log base a of x, plus log base a of y, is the same as log base a of xy.

    00:51 The second rule is the subtraction rule, so if you have log base a of x minus log base a of y, this combines to the log base a of x over y.

    01:04 So it actually divides because it's been subtracted.

    01:08 Again, if you use the pH scale, you can just check if the bases are the same, you are allowed to combine the logs into one logarithmic term.

    01:18 The last rule is one of the most useful rules, when it comes to solving for exponentials, and that is this if you have log base a of x to the power of n, you are allowed to bring this n to the front.

    01:34 So know where the mathematical function really allows you to do that, so you can bring the power down and then actually use it to solve it.

    01:41 So you can rewrite this as n log base a of x.

    01:45 And these are the three rules of logs.

    01:48 We will quickly look over the proofs of these rules, and then we'll start to look at some questions involving ln's.

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    The lecture Logarithm Rules by Batool Akmal is from the course Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. 23 log (2)
    2. log (2 x 23)
    3. 2 log (23)
    4. (log 2)²³
    5. (log 23)/(log 2)

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     Batool Akmal

    Batool Akmal

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