Lobes and Sulci of the Cerebral Cortex

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    00:01 Welcome to this presentation on the cerebral cortex. Our first stop here is to identify the four lobes that are associated with the cerebral cortex. Here, we have a lateral view of the four lobes and they’re in different colors. First, we see in blue, we see the frontal lobe.

    00:30 Located posterior to the frontal lobe and highlighted is the parietal lobe. Then we see the occipital lobe highlighted in the right, red color on the posterior aspect of the cerebral cortex.

    00:52 Then lastly in light green, the temporal lobe is identified. Stayed on the lateral aspect, next, we should identify three major sulci or sulci. The first is the central sulcus. This will separate the frontal lobe here from the parietal lobe over here to the right of the central sulcus.

    01:24 The next sulcus is the one that will separate the parietal lobe from the occipital lobe and the occipital lobe from the temporal lobe here inferiorly. This is the parieto-occipital sulcus.

    01:42 Then the third and final major one is the lateral sulcus which more precisely is a lateral fissure This will separate your temporal lobe from the frontal lobe here anteriorly.

    01:59 It will also separate the temporal lobe from the parietal lobe here more posteriorly.

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    The lecture Lobes and Sulci of the Cerebral Cortex by Craig Canby, PhD is from the course Cerebral Cortex.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Frontal and parietal lobes
    2. Frontal and temporal lobes
    3. Temporal and parietal lobes
    4. Occipital and parietal lobes
    5. Temporal and occipital lobes
    1. Lateral fissure
    2. Central sulcus
    3. Postcentral sulcus
    4. Precentral sulcus
    5. Parieto-occipital sulcus

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     Craig Canby, PhD

    Craig Canby, PhD

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    what a succinct lecture!
    By Tr??ng P. on 20. July 2020 for Lobes and Sulci of the Cerebral Cortex

    it broadened my literary horizons! The concentrated course is about the cerebral cortex playing an integral part in our body!

    By Yin Yin O. on 07. August 2017 for Lobes and Sulci of the Cerebral Cortex

    Clear explanation, easy to understand and interesting. Thank you for your effort Dr.

    By soroush s. on 26. July 2017 for Lobes and Sulci of the Cerebral Cortex

    it was perfect and obvious in explanation.... be clear and obvious in explanation has very important for me ... thanks a lot because of your effort...