Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)
Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN
In this course, Rhonda Lawes will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of Liver Functions and Dysfunctions.

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Your Educators of course Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

 Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Dr. Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing in Oklahoma, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University in 2016.
Due to her achievements, she has earned numerous teaching awards. She teaches nursing students how to use the science of cognitive learning to maximize their study effectiveness.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Lawes is the Director of Nursing Education Programs, and teaches courses on Pharmacology (Nursing), Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology.

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thank you for this it help alot
By Hari M. on 08. March 2024 for Blood Supply of the Liver (Nursing)

this help me alot even when i went to health care center this is the most thing help me and thank you for this videos.

Great teacher
By Liudmila V. on 02. May 2023 for Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

Loved the way Prof Lawes presented โ€” clear and easy to comprehend.

I love her
By Ghadeer K. on 10. March 2022 for Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

I am a medical student and I absolutely adore the way nurse Rhonda Lawes teaches. She has a palpable maternal aura that makes listening to her very comforting and it also makes me want to please her by doing well on my exam. Like she has expectations of me and I absolutely canโ€™t let her down. She is so good.

Conclusive and easy to understand lecture
By Mohammad M. on 28. April 2021 for Unique Characteristics of the Liver: Main Functions (Nursing)

Very simplified lecture. Recommend to all biology lovers. Starting with basic steps and not passing too much information in one cession.