Learning Outcomes – Digestion and Absorption

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:02 Okay, we’ve covered a lot of topics today, but what I want to go through is where we have gone and what you’ve understood now.

    00:11 And that is that we’ve undergone through carbohydrate metabolism, primarily through amylase.

    00:16 We talked about fat metabolism and again, that’s different depending upon if it’s a short chain versus a normal triglyceride.

    00:24 Proteins have lots of different enzymes, but we have talked through their ability of how they work in terms of those enzymes digestion and its associated processes.

    00:35 We’ve also gone through the explanation of how these macronutrients, fats, carbohydrates and proteins, ions and water travel across the enterocyte and are picked either by the portal vein or the lymphatics.

    00:50 And finally, we talked about some of the unique aspects of the splanchnic circulation, in particular how the portal vein links a lot of the gastrointestinal system back to the liver before it goes to the systemic circulation.

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    The lecture Learning Outcomes – Digestion and Absorption by Thad Wilson, PhD is from the course Gastrointestinal Physiology.

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     Thad Wilson, PhD

    Thad Wilson, PhD

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