Lacrimal Bone, Nasal Bone and Vomer

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    00:01 The lacrimal bone is the smallest and most fragile of the cranial bones.

    00:07 It lies anteriorly in the medial wall of the ocular orbit.

    00:11 There are several main points you should know about the lacrimal bone.

    00:15 One, the orbital surface of the lacrimal bone joins with the frontal process of the maxillary to form the fossa of the lacrimal sac.

    00:26 Two, the lacrimal bone along with the maxilla forms the nasal lacrimal duct.

    00:34 Next up is the nasal bone.

    00:37 The nasal bones are paired and are located side by side in between the frontal processes of the maxilla.

    00:44 The articulations of the nasal bones are the main concern here.

    00:49 First we have the superior border of the nasal bone.

    00:52 It articulates with the nasal part of the frontal bone and if you recall from earlier in the presentation, their union is marked by the craniometric point the nasion, which corresponds to the bridge of the nose.

    01:05 The inferior border is continuous with the paired nasal cartilages and its medial border articulates the contralateral nasal bone while the superomedial aspect articulates with the nasal spine of the frontal bone, the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid and lastly, the nasal septal cartilage.

    01:27 And finally, the lateral border the nasal bone articulates with the frontal process of the maxilla.

    01:33 Also, one last thing before we move on to the last small bone on our list, the vomer.

    01:39 The nasal bones are covered by two muscles, namely the procerus and nasalis which gives the nose its bulk.

    01:50 The vomer is the last small bone in our list of visceral cranial bones.

    01:55 It is a thin flat trapezoidal bone.

    01:58 The vomer contributes to the formation of the posteroinferior nasal septum and similar to the nasal bones, it's articulations are worth noting.

    02:08 The superior border of the vomer is winglike and fits onto the rostrum of the body of the sphenoid bone.

    02:16 The inferior border of the vomer articulates with the median nasal crest of the maxillary and palatine bones.

    02:24 Its anterior borders superiorly articulates with the lower border of the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid while a small portion of its lower anterior border articulates with the nasal septum.

    02:37 And lastly, the posterior border articulates with the posterior margin of the maxillary incisor crest.

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    Craig Canby, PhD

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