Collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team

by Jessica Reuter

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team by Jessica Reuter is from the course Management of Care. It contains the following chapters:

    • Collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team
    • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    • Barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. collaboration requires interdisciplinary teams to work together to deliver patient-centered care
    2. there is no difference
    3. collaboration requires members of interdisciplinary teams to inform other teams what care they should deliver
    4. collaboration requires teams to work independently from each other and not communicate
    1. it is impossible to perform interdisciplinary collaboration on a regular basis
    2. there is a lack of awareness that interdisciplinary collaboration is effective
    3. it is assumed that other professions are implementing the correct care plan for each patient
    4. education of professionals occurs mostly within each specialty
    1. increase in patient satisfaction with care
    2. decrease in incident reports within institution
    3. increase in amount of overtime required by employees
    4. decrease in respect of various disciplines
    1. ...interdisciplinary team rounds.
    2. ...an optional form of case management.
    3. ...practicing evidence based medicine.
    4. ...effective use of information technology
    5. ...a quality improvement project.

    Author of lecture Collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team

     Jessica Reuter

    Jessica Reuter

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