Influenza A: Definition and Etiology

by John Fisher, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Influenza A: Definition and Etiology by John Fisher, MD is from the course Upper Respiratory Infections.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Single stranded RNA virus
    2. Double stranded RNA virus
    3. Single stranded DNA virus
    4. Double stranded DNA virus
    1. HA hemagglutinin and NA neuraminidase surface glycoproteins
    2. The helical nucleocapsid structure
    3. The lipid bilayer membrane
    4. The M2 protein
    5. The intracellular glycoproteins M and N
    1. The various combinations of the 16 different HA hemagglutinin antigenic types and 9 different NA neuraminidase antigenic types.
    2. The various molecular structure of the viral RNA, e.g helical nucleocapsid versus circular plasmid.
    3. The various surface lipoproteins.
    4. The various antigenic types of the M2 protein.
    5. Whether it is a double stranded RNA virus versus and single stranded retrovirus.

    Author of lecture Influenza A: Definition and Etiology

     John Fisher, MD

    John Fisher, MD

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