Identifying the Best Learning Modalities for You (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ

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    00:01 Question: Do you know what way you learn best? Because, if not, this is a really good time to figure it out.

    00:08 Knowing the ins and the outs of how you as an individual learn will greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend falling asleep while trying to study because you will now be working with your brain instead of fighting against it.

    00:21 The four most common ways of learning are usually, like, watching video, some kind of video format, listening to lectures, writing down notes, and then reading.

    00:30 Many people will combine a few of these together to make their own special magic learning sauce. My personal favorite is, I like to watch a video and then kind of go along and find some images and then I'll draw some things, I'll doodle a little, and then I'll go to an audio version later that I will really take notes on. Now that I've watched the initial topic once, I can go back, I can doodle, I can pull in more images and it will stand out the second time around, all that important information, because I'm already familiar with the topic, right? And that's how I do it.

    01:02 But honestly, there is no wrong recipe for whatever is right for you.

    01:06 But what's the best way to, kind of, find your study method? Really, it's just, like, trial and error.

    01:11 You're going to want to try them all.

    01:12 Practice combining different study ingredients until you find what works best for you. It'll take some time initially and a lot of adjustment, but once you figure it out, you will save so much time and fall asleep a heck of a lot less in your study sessions. And you have a really cool benefit here of having the option to explore all of these at your fingertips.

    01:31 Lecturio is built on video lectures, but has the option to download audio lectures for listening. You can listen to them later on on the go, kind of like a podcast.

    01:39 It also provides you with written notes of all the content, handouts to supplement all of your learning.

    01:45 It's really incredibly convenient, wonderful, and everything I wish I would have had in nursing school.

    01:51 And thus, now I work here.

    01:52 So go find your magic recipe for studying success.

    01:56 Play around with it and have fun.

    01:58 And remember, always finish up your recipe by explaining the topic that you just learned to someone or something else.

    02:06 Why? Because when you explain a topic, it requires you to actually understand it so that you can take the information and put it into your own words, and it makes all of those little brain connections and connecting dots and concepts, and it pulls them together. When I was in nursing school, I gave some very important lectures to my dog, Holly, but you can lecture a local human, a houseplant, whoever and whatever will seriously listen.

    02:31 Pretty much, the message is the same.

    02:32 When you find that you can give lectures with, pretty much, ease to your nice plant here, and you don't fall asleep yourself while trying to learn a new topic, you are probably heading in the right direction in terms of "oh hey, I have found a studying magic recipe that is going to work for you." Now, are you ready to learn some tips so that you can actually implement some of these tips while you are studying? If so, stay tuned for the next video where we discuss just that.

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