Hypothalamic Hormones

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Next, what we’re going to do here is begin at the level of the hypothalamus and quickly, just reiterate those releasing hormones for you. In the first portion of endocrinology, I then walked you through the group of releasing hormones and I gave you a picture. But, what I’m going to add in here as well is some clinical applications and integrations. So, let’s go and dive into this a little bit further, shall we? First, growth hormone releasing hormone. It works upon the anterior pituitary to release what? I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Growth hormone, good. What inhibits growth hormone? Somatostatin, right? Somatostatin, why is that important? Analog of somatostatin could be used in what kind of patient? Acromegaly. What else? Well, the medicine available include what’s known as your tesamorelin. Keep that in mind. This is a growth hormone releasing hormone analog… tesamorelin. Somatostatin, I just gave you a couple of examples in which you inhibit or you wish to inhibit growth hormone release… acromegaly. Welcome to your drug octreotide. Do not confuse this with somatotrophs or somatomammotropins. Corticotropin-Corticotropin releasing hormone. Now, a couple of things here that you want to pay attention to. Remember, your boards current day practice and current day boards is not about you memorizing, you’re only going to get so far with memorization. Obviously, the 200 and 205 you’ll be desperate for residency program; 227 you’re competitive… you’re competitive; 240/250, you own, haha, this residency programs, right? They want you, you’re not begging. So, what do you want to do on this exam? Think… critical thinking. You can’t memorize this stuff. Corticotropin releasing hormone, I can give you a lot of angles so that you can get your 240 and 250 and that’s why you’re here. CRH promotes ACTH. Okay, no big...

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    The lecture Hypothalamic Hormones by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Pituitary Gland Disorders.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Inhibits GHRH
    2. Inhibits Somatostatin
    3. Inhibits GH
    4. Is a GHRH analog
    5. Is a GH analog
    1. Trauma to anterior pituitary
    2. Addison's disease
    3. Cushing's disease
    4. Hypocortisolism
    5. Acromegaly
    1. Prolactin
    2. GnRH
    3. Somatostatin
    4. ACTH
    5. GHRH
    1. Tesamorelin therapy
    2. Hyper-somatostatinism
    3. Decreased synthesis of GHRH
    4. Octreotide therapy
    5. Deficient GH conversion
    1. Leuprorelin
    2. Gonadorelin
    3. Tesamoralin
    4. Degarilex
    5. Octreotide

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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