Hepatitis E

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:01 And finally, hepatitis E, or HEV, single stranded RNA, hepavirus, fecal oral transmission, so everything, so A is fecal oral, B, C, and D are bloodborn.

    00:15 And then E, again, is fecal oral, it's typically self limited.

    00:18 So it's going to be very much like Hepatitis A in terms of it's not going to be a bad actor, except in pregnant women in immunocompromised host.

    00:29 And in those populations, there's a 20% risk of fulminant hepatic disease and liver failure.

    00:35 There's essentially like Hepatitis A no carrier state, and we can follow the infection in the initial study, we will make IgM against various viral components.

    00:45 If you've had the infection at some point in the past and it successfully cleared it, you will have IgG.

    00:51 There is no vaccine available.

    00:53 We just want to minimize the exposure of the at risk population.

    00:56 So pregnant women immunocompromised hosts, but generally, this is a very well tolerated and relatively low morbidity and mortality virus.

    01:06 And again, the same story having to do with infection, early viral replication, hepatocyte, injury, and then clearance in the vast majority of cases.

    01:18 There is a very long table in kind of the written materials that you can download associated with the viral hepatidities the viral hepatitis cases.

    01:27 And if you're memorizing what the different viruses do, and how you know whether they are RNA and DNA, if you're going to memorize that, I'd recommend going to that table so you can compare them very quickly in one big scan.

    01:40 And with that, we've covered a rather broad territory, A to E of viral hepatitis.

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    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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