Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD)

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Let’s move on to choriocarcinoma.

    00:03 It’s a malignant neoplasm of trophoblastic cells.

    00:06 It can be preceded by hydatidiform mole, 50% of the time, which one? Complete or partial, please? Use the C’s.

    00:15 A complete mole may go on to greater risk of choriocarcinoma.

    00:19 Before we move on though, I very much wish to remind you that you can have gestational choriocarcinoma and don’t get this confused.

    00:28 Once again reinforce this, so clearly you are going to organize your thoughts.

    00:33 Gestational choriocarcinoma, non-gestational choriocarcinoma.

    00:37 So when you say non-gestational choriocarcinoma, what organ are you then affecting in a male or female? Gonads.

    00:45 Gonads.

    00:46 Remember when we talked about germ cell tumors and your gonadal tumors of a male or female.

    00:51 Well, choriocarcinoma can be part of that.

    00:54 It’s non-gestational.

    00:55 Here, however, gestational.

    00:58 What else? Abortion of ectopic, possibility of going onto choriocarcinoma.

    01:03 Even normal term pregnancy has a risk of 30%.

    01:08 Not impossible to monitor development of trophoblastic disease because you’re actually monitoring the hCG.

    01:14 So the more that you have proliferation of your trophoblast, you’d find there to be a correlation with beta-hCG.

    01:22 Unfortunately, with choriocarcinoma, it’s early.

    01:25 Remember, this is a cancer and this is carcinoma that likes to go through the blood.

    01:30 So there will be early hematogenous spread.

    01:33 And it’s responsive to chemotherapy, thank goodness.

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