Genetic Counseling

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    Now, a quick lecture on genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis. The field of genetic counseling or clinical genetics has changed a lot in recent years due to the advent of all these new technologies and the discovery of more and more genes. But it is going to involve things like counseling and taking family histories which is more traditional, as well as calculating risk assessments and pedigree analysis, molecular diagnostics and the whole genome diagnostics. These techniques all come together. Generally now, we have genetic counselors that take care of the genetic counseling part of the practice. But either way, in considering genetic counseling, whichever degree of it that you might get into, you would be considering not only the original patient but we need to be concerned with the future children of that patient as well as other family members of that patient. These are all the people that come into the picture when genetic counseling for one individual. Not only do we need to consider the diagnosis part but we also need to consider the psychological aspects as well as social aspects and medical aspects of treating or managing genetic disorders. So, this is now the whole field of clinical genetics. As I said, the majority of times, this is taken care of by genetic counselors. Genetic counseling is a burgeoning field now in the United States, the UK, and Canada. Very common if someone goes in and has a family history, say of breast cancer or a colon cancer for the doctor to refer them to genetic counseling. A lot of this can be done by sending in samples. You can send them in from your regular doctor. As a doctor, you would perhaps be in charge of taking samples and sending them and then referring the...

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    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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