Stomach Cancer

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Gastric Cancer is where we are next. In the United States, there has been a dramatic decrease in adenocarcinoma primarily because, well, we have good proper screening methods in place. Our diets, believe it or not, the society is becoming better educated about not consuming nitrates, smoked meats and such. Also, the fact that we have proper regimen for<i> H. pylori</i> eradication. Before we move on, there will be two major types of primary gastric cancers or adenocarcinoma and there is one of those lymphomas that we refer to with <i>H. pylori</i>. Highest incidence however definitely Japan. And to the point where the government itself is getting involved to properly educate their society so that they’re not consuming large amounts of nitrates. Or in other words, to manage and moderate how they prepare their meat. In other words, smoked meat. When you smoke the meat, you are then consuming your nitrates. And the nitrate is extremely carcinogenic. Who is your patient? Male over the age of 50; family history could be associated; and associated with consumption of that smoked meat specifically nitrate; and more likely low socio−economic status as well. Remember, could it also occur in the US? Sure it can. All depends on demographics, population and history, usually the diet comes into play. Adenocarcinoma Here you’ll notice that apart from what may look like a peptic ulcer disease, punched out lesion, but take a look at the margin here. This is inflamed. This is adenocarcinoma. You could tell that there is a major abnormal pathologic growth taking place in the stomach and these are rugal folds that you’re seeing more so in the periphery. Adenocarcinoma of the stomach There are two types: the diffuse and the intestinal. <i>H. pylori </i>gives rise to the intestinal and really doesn't metastasize. Whereas...

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