Ectopic Pregnancy

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Our topic here is ectopic pregnancy, a very common disorder. Make sure that you’re quite familiar with ectopic pregnancy. Abnormal implantation of a fertilized egg, instead of being in the uterus. And even with the uterus, remember, that implantation should be taking place in the proximal portion of the uterus. Keep that in mind because you can have implantation in other parts of the uterus uterus in which a diagnosis becomes complete different. Here, however, the implantation is not taking place anywhere near the uterus. We’re in the fallopian tubes -- 90% of the time, it will be in the fallopian tube. How is that possible? Well, I want you think about the fallopian and its behavior. In other words, it’s responsible for facilitating the journey of the fertilized egg from the ovary and then towards the uterus. But what may then happen is if you have a female and she unfortunately developed a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. And at some point in time, the organism starts causing infection to the fallopian tube. And so therefore, this type of salpingitis eventually, just like any type of injury to any organ, begins the process of repair. The repair to you should mean fibrosis, scarring. So now you have scarring in this fallopian tube that is relatively delicate and it’s responsible for contraction and such. So imagine now that fertilized egg comes -- it’s moving forward to the fallopian tube and it gets stuck in that area that’s scarred. This is ectopic pregnancy. So how is your patient going to then behave? Well, before we begin, anytime that you have a female in her reproductive age and she’s experiencing abdominal pain, your next step of management always is to do a pregnancy test. If the beta hCG comes...

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