Development Milestones: General Facts

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:00 Human Development. We're going to take a look at how a human develops from being a neonate all the way through to being an adolescent. During this particular time phase there are a lot of different changes that happen to the body both physiologically, socially and in a cognitive manner.

    00:20 We will look a lot at development milestones. What do we mean by a development milestone? In fact these are just more general terms in nature, these are going to be things that we're looking for and again in our big areas of physical, verbal/cognitive and social but let's not get too hung up on what a milestone is because a milestone is just a marker, this should be considered a normative marker at a median age. It doesn't always mean that everyone is going to hit every milestone or if you're obtaining milestones sooner that is not necessarily bad either. This is just kind of a general way of looking at development. The other think to think about for milestones is they are going to be very dependent upon the source. So although we will give you a good list of all the milestones that are available right now, they will change a little bit over time as we refine some of these particular milestones.

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    Thad Wilson, PhD

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