Cyclooxygenase (COX) and Thromboxanes – NSAIDs (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 So, let's look at NSAIDs and thromboxanes together because NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, block the Cox enzymes and you end up with less thromboxane.

    00:14 So that's a lot of words on the screen.

    00:16 You might wanna put NSAIDs and thromboxanes equals less thromboxanes so, you end up with less clotting throughout your body.

    00:25 Because these thromboxanes are a member of the family of lipids known as, right, you've got the name right there. Underline that.

    00:34 Just to remind you, it's not the most important point to memorize, but remember that it's a family of lipids.

    00:40 So, I would circle family of lipids, that would help me remember what thromboxanes are.

    00:45 Now, it's usually made by platelets, it causes blood clotting, or platelet aggregation.

    00:49 Remember, when there's a platelet party, when platelets get together, that makes a block or a clot.

    00:57 So, you have platelet aggregation and constriction of blood vessels, both very helpful mechanisms if I have blood that's leaking out of my vascular system.

    01:08 Now, there's two major ones, thromboxane A2, and thromboxane B2.

    01:12 That's just an FYI. So, I would just kind of put FYI by that for you.

    01:18 That's not something that I would invest a lot of time.

    01:20 I just wanted you to know that there are actually two types that we're kind of talking about here.

    01:24 But you can always remember with this study tip, thromboxane is named because it promotes thrombosis which is forming of clots.

    01:34 So, that's just another way to remember that's what thromboxane does.

    01:37 Remember with NSAIDs, do we have more thromboxane or less thromboxane? Right. We have less. So, with NSAIDs, I'm going to bleed easier.

    01:52 Right, I'm not gonna clot as efficiently.

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