Cutting the DNA

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Cutting the DNA by Georgina Cornwall, PhD is from the course Biotechnology.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Even when the source of the DNA is different
    2. Because they have palindromic sequences
    3. Only when the source of the DNA is the same
    4. But the "sticky ends" will most likely have to be modified
    5. Only if the subunits have been methylated
    1. The EcoRI enzyme helps the eukaryotic cells to become immunized against viral attacks
    2. EcoRI is a useful restriction endonuclease enzyme for gene cloning procedures
    3. The action of the EcoRI enzyme results in the dsDNA fragments having sticky ends with 5’ end overhangs of AATT
    4. EcoRI enzyme cuts G/AATTC recognition sequence on the dsDNA which has a palindromic complementary sequence CTTAA/G
    5. EcoRI enzyme was the first restriction endonuclease enzyme isolated from E. coli

    Author of lecture Cutting the DNA

     Georgina Cornwall, PhD

    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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