Characteristics of COVID-19

by Sean Elliott, MD

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    00:01 COVID-19 Viruses.

    00:04 The severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS-Coronavirus II virus, is an encapsulated virus which measures, approximately 125 nanometers in diameter.

    00:15 It contains a single strand positive sense RNA genome, measuring 26 to 32 kilobytes, it is the largest of all RNA viruses.

    00:25 The SARS-Coronavirus II contains, four structural proteins, the first three are the “S-Protein” or “Spike” protein, “E-Protein” or “Envelope” protein and “M-Protein” or “Membrane” protein.

    00:39 Together, these three proteins constitute, the viral envelope, which is so characteristically seen, by electron microscopy.

    00:46 The lipid membrane is next in the structure of the virus and then the “N-Protein,” is the nuclear capsid protein, this encloses and provides attachment or complexing points, with the RNA strand the RNA genome, it also helps regulate the RNA synthesis.

    01:06 The S-protein or spike protein, is perhaps the most infamous or perhaps famous, in terms of the science and discovery involving the SARS-Coronavirus II virus.

    01:17 It is an appearance club shaped or even crown like, when seen from the surface on scanning electron microscopy.

    01:25 It is, of course, responsible for the binding of the virus, to its target cells via the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, on epithelial cells and including some endothelial cells, in the host cell membrane.

    01:39 It is also the target of most current vaccines against the SARS-Coronavirus II.

    01:45 The E-protein or envelope protein, is responsible of course for viral assembly and the M-protein for membrane also for viral assembly, as well as participating in release of newly formed virions or viruses, from their target cells.

    02:00 As you can imagine, there is an incredible amount of discovery ongoing, for this particular virus as it is causing the global pandemic, we know is COVID-19.

    02:10 Yet, more remains to be described as we go further into understanding, the impact and structure of this very important virus.

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    1. Spike (S) protein
    2. Lipid membrane
    3. Envelope (E) protein
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    5. Nucleocapsid (N) protein

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