Concentration of Bile Acids and Salts (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 So ever thought about what happens to bile while it's hanging out in the gallbladder for storage.

    00:06 Well, it's pretty intense what happens there.

    00:08 So take a closer look at this picture.

    00:11 You see the pink arrow at the top? That is bile draining from the liver.

    00:15 And yes, I'm going to use those words again because I want to make sure as you're studying with us as we go that you've got that anatomy straight.

    00:22 Remember the right and left hepatic ducts connect to the common hepatic duct into the common bile duct? Then the next stop is the gallbladder.

    00:31 Now look at the words unconcentrated bile, concentrated bile.

    00:37 If you ever thought about what happens to that bile then you know that water is being pulled out of the bile.

    00:44 The longer it stays in there, the more concentrated is.

    00:47 So I think about it, bile after doing time in the gallbladder is pretty significantly changed.

    00:53 Up to 90% of the water in bile is absorbed back into the bloodstream.

    00:59 That's what makes by bile, that does time in the gallbladder for very long, fairly concentrated.

    01:05 So unconcentrated bile may just flow straight down if it's needed in the intestine, but if it hangs out in the gallbladder, expect that it's going to become more concentrated through the removal of the water.

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