Composition of Bile (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Now, let's take a look at what makes up bile.

    00:04 There's six major parts to bile.

    00:06 Bile salts, cholesterol, bicarbonate, bilirubin, water, and phospholipids.

    00:13 I know, there's a list again.

    00:15 Watch closely and see what I've done for you to help you chunk this information so you remember it better.

    00:21 Remember that is the key to successful studying.

    00:24 Nobody enjoys spending hours and hours studying, but I want to make sure the time you do invest get you the best bang for your buck.

    00:33 So let's take a look first at bile salts.

    00:36 Bile salts mix with ingested fats and that's what helps promote the absorption of fats from the GI tract.

    00:42 Remember food goes in your mouth down to your stomach and into your small intestine.

    00:47 So we're going to start with bile salts.

    00:49 They're kind of in a category all by themselves.

    00:53 Now, watch how the words light up.

    00:56 Okay, cholesterol, bilirubin, and phospholipids.

    01:01 We're going to group these three together because they're all end products of metabolism.

    01:07 Bile salts category all by itself.

    01:10 Cholesterol, bilirubin, and phospholipids are all end products of metabolism.

    01:16 Now, finally, bicarbonate and water.

    01:21 The third group are the ones.. kind of think of them as common things back down with water and bicarbonate.

    01:27 My nephew has a word for this.

    01:30 Whenever he would have diarrhea he would say, "Whoo. I have spicy poop." That's because when you have diarrhea things are moving through your GI tract way too quickly.

    01:40 We haven't had time for the water and bicarbonate to get there and to calm things down.

    01:45 So, you know with acid and enzymes that should not be exiting your body that quickly exiting your body.

    01:52 So water and bicarbonate are the common downers.

    01:56 So we've got 6 things but we broke it into three categories.

    02:01 Bile salts, category all by itself.

    02:04 End products of metabolism, cholesterol, bilirubin, and phospholipids.

    02:09 You got them there, in the pink color.

    02:11 And then kind of the grayish color bicarbonate and water.

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