Milestones of Various Ages: Comparison

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    Now let's compare some milestones at various ages. We're going to go through a lot of information here but what I want to do is provide you kind of an overview and a highlight of certain few items and we'll make comparisons as we go from the first year of life to year 1 and so forth throughout the series of comparisons. So the physical components that could change involve everything from initially trying to put everything in one's mouth to doing things like crawling and having a fear of falling. For 1 year we have things like walking alone maybe even climbing stairs, kicking a ball, throwing a ball. These are all some of the physical adaptations that can occur from that first year of life. Now let's go through some social items. Within the first year, there's always things like stranger anxieties and there are some games that one can play such as Peek-a-Boo. If we go through to some of the social interactions that happen in the first year of life, there still are things like separation anxiety but it's not in the same manner of being scared of a stranger for anxiety it separating from a parent. If we look at verbal and cognitive changes, this could be anything from assimilating new things to starting to do repetitive responding or that's a fun one. If we then look at verbal kind of cognitive changes in year 1, for this you're using some small words now maybe up to 10. If we now compare years 2 and 3, we're going to get to start to have more items that become more complex in nature but still use that physical, social and cognitive/verbal kind of comparison. So comparing from year 2, now you start to be able to...

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    Thad Wilson, PhD

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