Classic Fractures

by Kevin Pei, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Classic Fractures by Kevin Pei, MD is from the course Special Surgery.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Reverse Colles’ fracture.
    2. Colles’ fracture.
    3. Barton’s’ fracture.
    4. Chauffeur's fracture.
    5. Greenstick fracture.
    1. Colles’ fracture.
    2. Chauffeur's fracture.
    3. Barton’s’ fracture.
    4. Snuff box fracture.
    5. Reverse Colles’ fracture.

    Author of lecture Classic Fractures

     Kevin Pei, MD

    Kevin Pei, MD

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    orthopedics is by fare not complete !!
    By jii l. on 30. September 2017 for Classic Fractures

    I think overall orthopedic section is lacking. There are a lot of subjects not covered! I like the lecturio concept but i think they need to make the courses more complete and a little more in debth so that it can be really helpfull for medical school.

    By Tausiful H. on 14. June 2017 for Classic Fractures

    The video repeats itself midway through. If that was the entire content then this is very superficial.