Cell Organelles: Energy Production and Detoxification (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark, PhD

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    00:02 Another structure that also breaks down substance into smaller things is the peroxisome.

    00:09 But unlike the lysosome, the peroxisome is going to use oxygen to oxidize these organic substances and break them down so that they can be used for cellular processes.

    00:23 In another structure in a cell, that's going to break down larger substances into smaller substances is the proteasome.

    00:32 The proteasome however, specifically breaks down proteins and usually is used for destroying unneeded damaged or faulty proteins into smaller peptides that can then be reused to make new proteins.

    00:51 The next organelle is the mitochondria.

    00:54 Now the mitochondria is not a part of the endomembrane system and it's actually hypothesized to be a bacterial cell that created a symbiotic relationship with our cells and now are part of our cells where they used to live as an a separate organism.

    01:14 And the reason why we think that is because the mitochondria have their own DNA, they have their own ribosomes, they're able to undergo their own replication completely separate from the processes that are occuring in the rest of the cell.

    01:30 Mitochondria are extremely important because this is how we get our energy.

    01:34 ATP or the molecule that we use for the majority of the energy that we use in our body is made in the mitochondrial part of the cell.

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     Jasmine Clark, PhD

    Jasmine Clark, PhD

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