Cell Division – Mitosis

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    00:00 Once we have our chromosomes packed, we can actually move into mitosis.

    00:05 How would it be if we just had our spaghetti of strings all together and try to separate them out? Not very effective. So it's critical that chromosomes packed well before mitosis begins.

    00:19 Mitosis is cellular division and it's used for both growth and repair in eukaryotic organisms.

    00:27 Prokaryotic organisms divide by binary fission. It's very simple process The circular DNA will replicate itself, it gets put in individual cells and then the job is done.

    00:42 Mitosis is a little bit more complicated because we have to orchestrate the movement of these chromosomes.

    00:48 So mitosis, just for repair and growth in eukaryotic organisms.

    00:55 We have a whole another process, meiosis, for reproductive purposes.

    01:00 So mitosis begins with prophase. Recall interphase is the whole phase that includes G1, S and G2.

    01:12 So we'll begin in the second figure here with prophase and then we'll explore prometaphase, metaphase. Meta means "beyond" or "after”.

    01:23 Pro means early. And then anaphase and telophase.

    01:28 And finally, after we're done with the nuclear division, we'll look briefly at cytokinesis or full cellular division.

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    The lecture Cell Division – Mitosis by Georgina Cornwall, PhD is from the course Cell Cycle and Cell Division.

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    1. Growth and repair
    2. Propagation of traits to the offspring
    3. Repair of the faulty genome
    4. Repair of the faulty cellular organelles
    5. Deletion of harmful mutations

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     Georgina Cornwall, PhD

    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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