Causes of Bone Marrow Failure (BMF)

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:00 What are the causes of bone marrow failure? What myelophthisic mean? Well, you have leukemia or in general let's say your patient unfortunately she has breast cancer and this breast cancer, let's say it's something like invasive lobular breast cancer and it now wants to do what unfortunately might metastasize. And it might then metastasize into the bone marrow. Uh oh. If you go there, guess what? It completely destroys your architecture of your bone marrow, the cells get destroyed. So, one can have anemia with this B please. Our topic, maybe your non-hemolytic anemia.

    00:36 This is known as myelophthisic in general. All that myelophthisic means is bone marrow replacement by space occupying lesion such as mets, metastasis or we'll talk later about a condition called myelofibrosis and myelofibrosis would mean that there is increased fibrosis of bone marrow shutting it down. Once again, we have a type of non-hemolytic anemia. Now, there will be a bunch of terms that you have to be familiar with. They begin with the prefix myelo, myelo, myelo, myelo.

    01:08 Myelophthisic, myelofibrosis, at some point we'll take a look at myelodysplastic syndrome and the category of diseases known as myeloproliferative. Now if it is myelophthisic shall we say breast cancer. Take a look at what you have here in your bone marrow. You only notice that there is barely any space and you find these nodules that are in here and well you can't produce anything, meaning to say the bone marrow has been shut down. Welcome to our non-hemolytic type of anemia.

    01:38 This will be one in which breast cancer has metastasize to your bone marrow.

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