Blood Supply, Drainage, and Innervation of the Nasal Cavity

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    00:02 Arterial supply, is going to be shown in the slides, that are going to be revealed here.

    00:12 Orientation first, superior nasal concha, middle nasal concha and then we have the inferior nasal concha and now the arteries that are found here in the lateral wall, would be first the anterior ethmoidal artery, you can see the branching pattern to the lateral wall.

    00:38 This branch is the external nasal branch of the anterior ethmoidal artery, so, it's a continuation of the one we just saw.

    00:48 If we have an anterior ethmoidal artery, we will also have, more posteriorly located the posterior ethmoidal artery, coming in through here and providing a blood flow to the superior nasal concha region.

    01:05 Traveling through the sphenopalatine foramen, is the sphenopalatine artery and you can see the branching pattern, of this artery to the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.

    01:19 And then, there are posterior lateral nasal branches of the sphenopalatine artery, shown in through here.

    01:28 And then, lastly, is the greater palatine artery, that will help deliver some blood to the lateral wall.

    01:40 And lastly, we have the alar branch of the lateral nasal branch of the facial artery itself.

    01:49 This one right in through here and then you can see some of the branching pattern.

    01:53 And you can see that these arteries do connect, anastomose with one another.

    02:03 This is the arterial supply to the septal area, so the medial wall.

    02:10 Here is the septal branch of the anterior ethmoidal artery coming in, septal branch of the posterior ethmoidal artery and then, the septal branch of the sphenopalatine artery contributing.

    02:31 Inferiorly here, coming into the inferior part of the nasal cavity, is the terminal part of the greater palatine artery.

    02:40 And we have a septal branch from that nasal artery, from in this case, the superior labial artery, helping to supply the septum remedial wall of the nasal cavity.

    02:55 Venous drainage, what we need to take home here, is that, more anteriorly located in the superior aspect of your nasal cavity, you have a nasal vein traveling through the foramen cecum.

    03:10 Venous outflow from the nasal cavity, shown in the direction of these arrows is going to the cavernous sinus and the cranial cavity.

    03:23 Running posteriorly here, is a drainage of venous blood to the pterygoid plexus, which is located in the infratemporal fossa.

    03:35 And then, we also have drainage more anteriorly located and inferiorly located into the facial vein.

    03:46 Innervation to the nasal cavity, is as follows.

    03:51 We have the anterior ethmoid nerve, coming in through here, some of its branches.

    04:01 We have the external nasal branch of the anterior ethmoid nerve, running right in through here, similar nomenclature to the artery.

    04:13 We have internal nasal branches of the infra-orbital nerve, providing some sensory innervation.

    04:23 Nasal branch of the anterior superior alveolar nerve.

    04:31 Posterior inferior lateral nasal nerves.

    04:36 And we also then will have posterior superior lateral nasal nerves.

    04:43 And you see the sphenopalatine foramen again and you can see how these posterior superior lateral nasal nerves, enter into the nasal cavity.

    04:58 The olfactory nerves, are the collection of nerves that we see here, these nerves pass through the cribriform plate, olfactory bulb is here and then olfaction is conveyed through the olfactory track, to the olfactory sensory cortex of the cerebrum.

    05:23 Innervation of the septal area or the medial wall, again, your olfactory nerves, should be the septal branches of them, a septal branch of the anterior ethmoidal nerve.

    05:40 Nasopalatine nerve, coming through this sphenopalatine foramen and that takes care of the innervation.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Septal branch of a posterior ethmoidal artery
    2. Superior ethmoidal artery
    3. Facial artery
    4. Greater palatine artery
    5. Posterior lateral branch of the sphenopalatine artery
    1. Foramen caecum
    2. Cranial cavity
    3. Infratemporal fossa
    4. Inferior concha
    5. Facial vein
    1. Anterior ethmoidal nerve
    2. Lateral nasal nerve
    3. Posterior inferior lateral nasal nerve
    4. Infra-orbital nerve
    5. Anterior superior alveolar nerve

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