Bile Flow Pathway (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Hi! Welcome to our video series on the gallbladder.

    00:05 I like to call it the river bile.

    00:08 I know I thought that was way more fun than you do.

    00:10 But stick with me, I promise you I'm going to give you great information and understanding what's going on with your gallbladder.

    00:17 Now, the river bile is more glamorous than it sounds.

    00:22 Bile is a powerful digestive juice.

    00:25 Okay, so it's made in the liver.

    00:27 Take a look at our picture there.

    00:28 You see we've got the liver.

    00:30 Then it's got those green lines going through the liver.

    00:34 That's not the lymphatic system in this case.

    00:37 That's the biliary system.

    00:39 So look at the green lines and then I want you to trace those down and see it look like a small green balloon.

    00:46 That's your gallbladder.

    00:47 Now the pink vessel next to that is a stomach.

    00:51 So you've got the liver, gallbladder, and the stomach.

    00:55 Now the stomach leads directly into the intestines and then we've got the exit of the body the colon.

    01:03 So I eat food, it travels down into my stomach, the juices join it at the end of the stomach into the small intestine, travels all the way through my intestines, exits out my body.

    01:16 We couldn't do all this and get what we need to get out of our food if we didn't have bile.

    01:21 We need this digestive juice that's made in the liver, stored in the gallbladder, to help us with the digestion of fats when it's released into the small intestine.

    01:32 Okay, I know that doesn't sound real glamorous, but let me show you how cool it really is.

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