Benzodiazepines: Effects and Impact – Sedative Hypnotics (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 Now I want to introduce you to this word paradoxical effect.

    00:04 It's kinda fun. You have it.

    00:05 This is an important word cuz we're gonna use it a lot in the next incoming part and I wanted to make sure you understood what it meant.

    00:12 See, this is an effect of a medical treatment, usually a drug.

    00:16 When we say a paradoxical effect, it's the opposite that's why we bolded that word for you.

    00:22 So a paradoxical effect is the opposite to the effect which we normally would be expected.

    00:28 So what the medication should do if it has a paradoxical effect that means it gives us the exact opposite effect.

    00:36 So watch for this word as we talk through the rest of this video series.

    00:40 Let's look at the impacts of benzodiazepine. On the CNS.

    00:44 You might have possible paradoxical effects. So what would that be? Well, if I'm taking it to help me sleep, it may make my insomnia worse.

    00:54 It may make me really excitable, it may make me euphoric or have increased anxiety or rage.

    01:00 Not the goal when I take a benzodiazepine, right? When you look at those lists of the paradoxical effects, some people will respond this way.

    01:10 So instead of improving their sleep, it makes it worse.

    01:13 Instead of calming them down, it make them very excitable.

    01:16 They might be just really euphoric. That's a problem cuz that's gonna be a risk for abuse.

    01:21 They might have heightened anxiety so instead of feeling calmer, they feel more anxious or these huge mood swings of rage.

    01:29 Nobody's taking a benzodiazepine with a goal of being rage-filled.

    01:34 Now what about the cardiovascular system? Well, if you're taking an oral benzodiazepine, it's probably gonna have very little if any effect on the cardiovascular system.

    01:45 IV benzodiazepines have a smaller chance of having hypotension but it's not a huge one.

    01:51 But always be aware if you give an IV benzodiazepine to a patient, it may cause hypotension so keep an eye on their blood pressure.

    01:59 Now the respiratory system is where it gets really, really dangerous.

    02:03 The effects on the CNS are not great, minor effects on the heart, but the respiratory system is where this becomes life threatening.

    02:12 Now if you take a benzodiazepine by itself, take an oral benzodiazepine, they have little to no respiratory depressive effect if that's the only thing you're taking.

    02:22 So if you're prescribed a benzodiazepine, I wouldn't be really worked up about taking it.

    02:27 I'm a little worried about the sleep stuff but other than that, you should be relatively okay, right? There shouldn't be a big problem as long as it resolves your symptoms.

    02:36 That's if you take it alone, not with other medications, and especially not with alcohol.

    02:42 And if it's a pill form, an oral form of benzodiazepine, it's gonna have little to no respiratory depressive effect.

    02:49 Now, if you take a benzodiazepine with other CNS depressants like opioids, barbiturates, or alcohol, this is life threatening.

    03:00 Now if you've watched the news, you've seen several celebrities who have taken multiple drugs at the same time.

    03:06 Usually it's some type of combination of some of the drugs we just talked about there and that's what caused their untimely death.

    03:14 So benzodiazepines plus any other drug or alcohol is gonna cause severe respiratory depression.

    03:22 Don't do it. It's really, really dangerous.

    03:26 Now it can also cause hypotension so keep an eye on that if you're doing -- if you're -- have a benzodiazepine with these other medications or alcohol not only suppresses the respiratory system, this is also an increased risk for low blood pressure.

    03:41 Killer combo if you want to stay alive.

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    The lecture Benzodiazepines: Effects and Impact – Sedative Hypnotics (Nursing) by Prof. Lawes is from the course Central Nervous System (CNS) Medications (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Excitation
    2. Euphoria
    3. Intense anxiety
    4. Sleepiness
    5. Calmness
    1. Minor respiratory depressive effects when taken alone.
    2. It can cause hypotension.
    3. Significant respiratory depression may occur when taken with alcohol.
    4. It is safe when taken with opioids and alcohol.
    5. It should be prescribed with barbiturates and opiods.

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