Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC, Basal Cell Cancer)

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Here’s our first neoplastic condition of the skin. It is the most common cancer worldwide or, in other words, it’s the most common cancer in the human species. Welcome to basal cell carcinoma. Let’s talk about this in greater detail. Chronic intermittent UV exposure might be a possible risk. Next, work with me here, what does the basal layer mean to you? The basal layer will be the bottom most layer of your epidermis, right? Bottom most layer. Morphology: Pearly papule or a nodule. Stop there and make sure you know the description morphologically for basal cell carcinoma. Often, often with central ulceration umbilication on sun-exposed skin. And as a rule of thumb, BCC usually will appear above the upper lip and usually by the nose, by the nasolabial type of fold as I should show you soon. But really, it could be any area of the skin in which there is exposure to UV rays. Now with BCC, very, very low risk of going on to metastasis. For all intent and purposes, can we just say, it’s null and void. Granted, it could be 0.05% risk of going on to -- a 0.05% risk of going on to malignancy. But with that said, just because it’s a benign condition, it does not mean that it’s not dangerous. And I’ve talked to you about this earlier. Meaning to say that you could have a benign condition in which, my goodness, it’s locally aggressive. So say that there is an umbilicated type of lesion that is pearly and papule that is located here, with the exposure of UV rays in a Caucasian patient. What are you worried about? You’re worried about that benign papule which is going to grow, grow, grow very, very quickly. And what’s it going to do? Might...

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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