Neuroepithelial Tumors: Astrocytoma

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Our topic here is neuroepithelial tumor. We’ll begin with where are we in terms of organization. Primary metastasis. This is primary CNS tumor. Under primary CNS tumor, we’re looking at neuroepithelial tumor. The classification of neuroepithelial tumor will be your astrocytic or astrocytomas. Let’s take a look. Definition: tumor derived from, as you can imagine, astrocytes. And you think of these as being glial cells and how often have you come across a description, a reading, or a narration or, let’s say, a CPC, a pathologic conference in which you’re sitting around and you hear the term glioma, right? Well, this is what we’re referring to. So the fact that you have an astrocytoma, please be aware that anatomically, these cells, glial cells, and at some point, these would then be referred to as being gliomas. The types: We’ll take a look at low-grade, referred to as being fibrillary type of astrocytoma. Anaplastic is never a good thing. Glioblastoma multiforme, we’ll be spending time with this one in greater detail. And the reason for that is it is one of the most common, unfortunate brain tumors that occurs in adults, but really, it could be seen across the spectrum. Then we have an astrocytoma that occurs almost exclusively in children or very commonly in children and this then referring to your pilocytic astrocytoma. And you’ll be focusing upon the -cytic and I’ll tell you why in a bit and then you can have your what’s known as your pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma. Let’s take a look at astrocytoma further. And under here, 87% of adult primary brain tumors will be an astrocytoma. That’s how important these gliomas are. 80% of adult primary brain tumor, you want to put yourself into the category of astrocytomas. Let it be your fibrillary, anaplastic, or glioblastoma...

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